SiliPINT Pint Glass

SiliPINT 16oz Pint Glass

• Match Your Explorations with Great Libations •


Knock back your favorite beverage in our Adipose Drinking Glasses,
ideal for on-the-go hydration.

Whether its campfire toddies or thirst quenching gulps, Silipints keep your cold drinks cold (and because of their insulating properties, they keep your hot drinks hot too.)

Silipints double as a make-do potholder or grill-ready vessel.
Popular with the wet set — they are durable, unbreakable and river ready.

As easy to clean as they are to use.
Dishwasher, microwave, freezer,  oven and grill  safe.
Lifetime guarantee.
Made from environmentally-friendly materials, 100% FDA-Approved, BPA-Free silicone –reusable alternative to plastic, paper and styrofoam cups.



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