Pro-Lok Oar System

Pro-LokOarLock            Pro-Lok Oar System                                                      Feel & Believe!


Pro-LokShaftImageSizes: 8’6″ • 9′ • 9’6″ • 10′

Made of Carbon-Fiber Graphite. Strength is achieved from high-quality, multi-directional graphite.
Just like a fly rod, it creates “reserve” power!

The lightest, most responsive oar shafts in the industry. 

Approx. 1-3/4 pound (depending on length) — 1/4 of the weight of any other oar


Pro-Lok Oar Lock & Blades

Unlike any other system, the rope wrap is removed allowing the oar to slide freely & effortlessly within the collar.

No oar lock or rope-wrap noise — Ultra-quiet sleeve makes for stealthy fishing.

The collar itself pivots between stainless steel uprights allowing full radius movement.

Special notch on collar creates a rudder when the oar is at rest.

Sculling & Feathering the oar is amazing!


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