12 Days of Christmas (Day #2)... Adipose style!

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4 December 2014, Comments: Comments Off on 12 Days of Christmas (Day #2)… Adipose style!


Don’t get left out in the cold…

12 days of Christmas ~ Adipose style!

—Trick Your Trailer Out—

10% off thru 12/24/14


The BoatBuckle

The best tie-down for any kind of boat. Works as a transom tie down on a power boat, or as a gunnel tie down on a drift boat. The Boat Buckle stays permanently attached to your trailer. When you need it, simply pull the hook up onto the gunnel, then a few quick ratchets and your boat ain’t going anywhere. See the video above and watch Adipose Pro Eric Adams Adipose show you how.

BoatBuckle (pair) $130.00

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CargoBuckle (pair) $80.00

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Pro-Series Trailer Jack

The Fulton Pro Series Marine Tongue Jack is equipped with a 6″ poly wheel, corrosion-resistant zinc finish and a 3/8″ spring-loaded locking pin. It has a bolt-on retaining ring swivel bracket fits up to 3′ x 5′ tongues and will support up to 1000 pounds TW/GTW. Comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Pro-Series Trailer Jack $50.00

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TrailerStandDrift Boat Angler Trailer Stand

Don’t precariously prop your boat up on a 2×4, garbage can, old stump, etc. where it might come down & accidentally crush the neighbor kid or dog. Safely drain your boat with the Drift Boat Angler Stand (even if you have a sloped driveway). Just tilt the boat, drop the leg in place, and push the pin into one of the three-position locking holes. If you need to get out on the water in a hurry, just reserve the process (takes about 10 seconds) and the stand stores out of the way for travel. The convenience is only outweighed by the piece-of-mind it will give you. Weighs 15-pounds.

Pro-Series Trailer Jack $150.00

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