12 Days of Christmas (Day #6)... Adipose style!

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Don’t get left out in the cold…

12 days of Christmas ~ Adipose style!




Yeti Tundra (Tan with Camo Cushion)

Yeti Tundra

Yeti Tundra

Yeti Coolers

& Accessories

The best premium coolers and accessories that are the ultimate in design, performance, and durability.

Whether you’re fishing or boating on the river, lake, or ocean, you should always have a YETI marine cooler aboard. The roto-molded polyethylene construction makes our coolers nearly indestructible and impervious to UV light and salt spray. We also pack in cold-retaining features like thick walls and foam insulation to keep your drinks, food and fish frosty without requiring trips back to shore.

Yeti Tundra 45 & 65

The original and still the best heavy-duty cooler around, the YETI Tundra is a rugged, all-purpose, large cooler that comes in a variety of sizes for wilderness expeditions, hunting, fishing, tailgating, and more.

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Yeti Roadie

Yeti Roadie

Yeti Roadie 20

Small but mighty, the YETI Roadie is the best personal cooler you’ll ever find to protect your lunch from the ravages of sandwich-soggifying, drink-sweating heat. Built with the same hardy one-piece construction and ice-retaining insulation as our Tundra ice chests, this small personal cooler is equipped with a heavy-duty stainless steel handle for better portability. The Roadie is even grizzly proof, just like its larger Tundra cousins. Take this sturdy little portable cooler with you to the job site, or play hooky and head down to your favorite fishing hole. It’s also right at home in a campsite, boat, ATV or golf cart. Hitting up a BYOB party, barbecue or restaurant? The small Roadie cooler is the ideal size to BYOB, and the No Sweat Design prevents any embarrassing messes. The unbreakable, self-stopping hinges keep the lid propped open while you fish around for the perfect pairing. What beer goes best with venison sausage?

Yeti Roadie 20 $249.99

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Custom Graphics by Ty Outdoors

Yeti Artwork by Ty Outdoors

Yeti Artwork by Ty Outdoors

Ty Hillock is a full-time fishing guide for the Ugly Bug Fly Shop on the North Platte River in Casper.  Having more reference first hand every day in his boat has turned his focused more to my art on fish. He tries to make paintings and carvings to look like fish that he, or his clients have held.  Many of the guides he worked with asked if he could put fish on their fly-boxes or help them decorate their homes.

So he started with placing fish on fly-boxes with Sharpies, and it has turned into an ever-evolving art process. Cliff boxes are made right down the street from the fly shop in Casper, so it was natural to start with them. Ty has done Tarpon; Steelhead spawn and chrome; Brown, Rainbow, and Cutthroat trout—even a Mirror Carp and some Stoneflies. Ty enjoys seeing the individuality of every fish caught, and every day having inspiration literally in the palm of his hands is a great blessing and joy! http://www.tyoutdoors.com

Call or Email for a Quote on Your Cooler!
(406) 992-1519 or adiposeboatworks@gmail.com

YYetiBottleOpener.jpg.eti Bottle Opener

This retro-style YETI Bottle Opener is perfect for your hunting cabin, fishing camp, or man cave. You can even mount it directly to your YETI or boat. And, of course, it’s stainless steel.
CAUTION – do NOT over-tighten when mounting to your YETI (we recommend using a manual screwdriver)

Yeti Bottle Opener $20.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Yeti Bottle Opener” price=”20.00″]


Yeti Tie-Down Kit

Yeti-Tie-Down Kit

The perfect set-up to hold your Yeti cooler securely in place to a boat, truck bed, trailer, bbq rig or any other flat surface. Low-profile, stainless steel deck plates. Fits all Yeti cooler models, as well as most other coolers.

Yeti Tie-Down Kit $49.99 [wp_cart_button name=”Yeti Tie-Down Kit” price=”49.99″]


Yeti YL-2 Bear-Proof Lock

Yeti YL-2 Bear-Proof Locks

Tested in controlled bear simulations and with wild grizzly bears, the Yeti YL-2 Bear-Proof Lock, is the winner. The bears couldn’t open a Yeti cooler secured with these locks. Just insert into each corner hole. 2-pair set.

Yeti YL-2 Bear-Proof Locks $16.99 [wp_cart_button name=”Yeti YL-2 Bear-Proof Locks” price=”16.99″]

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