2022 Adipose Flow; Rainwater — $13,550

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17 October 2023, Comments: Comments Off on 2022 Adipose Flow; Rainwater — $13,550

2022 Adipose Flow Drift Boat

Side-Pull Anchor System

Rower’s Box Storage with Seat Slider
Front & Rear Casting Position: Rotating, Pedestal Seat
Locking Side Storage:
Right-side Shallow with Open Area Underneath; Left-side Deep

Rubber Floor Mats; Rod Tray Foam
Motor Mount; Spare Oar Holder; Net Holder
Teflon Bottom Coating

new~ Sawyer Polecat Oars with your choice of blades
Cobra Oar Locks; Anchor; Anchor Rope


2020 Black Dog Galvanized Standard Trailer
Boat Buckles

Price — $13,550

Call us at 406.992.1519 or email us @ adiposeboatworks@gmail.com for more info.

Optional accessories that can be added include:
Trailer Upgrade, Rubber Mats, Seadek Flooring, Rod Tray Foam, Fly Patch, Lid Locks,
Gear Ties, Casting Platform, Motor Mount, Net Holder, Boat Cover,
Bow Mount Anchor System, Yeti Sidekick Storage, Yeti Cooler & Pads,
Adipose Sticker Color Change, Teflon Bottom Coating; Spare Oar; Spare Oar Holder,
Boat Buckles, Spare Tire, Trailer Jack, Trailer Motor Mount.
We offer a full-range of oar selection for an optional upgrade.


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