A Little Bling

26 July 2011, Comments: 1

Just had local legend Mark LeGrand come by the shop to pick up his new skiff. Thanks to Mark, the crew got to do the coolest paint job in our history…..and it was quite the process…..clear gel-coat, followed by black and silver flakes, followed by black gel-coat. Pretty bad-ass Mark! And anybody that comes by the shop and brings us beer and Mountain Dew is alright in my book….real stand-up guy….thanks Mark!


Mark LeGrand taggin' the door.

Drew Happ  came up from Jackson, WY this morning to grab his new skiff. Drew works out of Westbank Angler’s…..if your ever in the area and looking to fish, give em’ a call….lots of great water down there.

So in what is becoming a once a month event, the crew at Adipose took a day out last Friday to do some fishing. This month the target species was carp, and the fishing was good. Everybody got at least one, with Jason breaking the ice taking down first fish honors….and on only his second day fly fishing!!! Great work man.

Jason's first carp on the fly!

Mike dominated in the numbers category landing five nice fish and dropping a few more…..no surprise there….Mike is definitely the local carp aficionado…..if only we could do this three times a week!

Mike hooked up

Adipose Skiffs, the new, better drift boat

One response on “A Little Bling

  1. Mark LeGrand says:

    Thank you for you kind comments. Absolutely love this new boat…….Ziggy Stardust!!!
    You guys are the greatest!!