A New Perspective on Fly Fishing

2 February 2011, Comments: 3

Captain American ready for action

If you know the character above, you’ve probably had some good times in Craig, Montana. Thats Mark Raisler, co-owner of Headhunters Fly Shop on the Missouri River, shown with his crucial fishing tools: two pairs of Costas, Simms gear head to toe, a huge bag of munchies, and a Shasta (he probably has a Nut Roll and gummy candy in his pocket) Don’t be fooled by the picture. Mark is a consumate professional in the fly fishing industry. An accomplished fly fisher/outfitter and phenomenal photographer, Mark has recently merged his two passions into FocalFish, a website dedicated to giving fly fishers their daily image fix. All of us at Adipose Boatworks love the site and figured we should share it.

We’re not talking about your average grip n’ grin pics. Mark has teamed up with some off the best fishing guides/photographers around the world. FocalFish gives viewers one picture a day from anywhere on earth that fish get chased…..and these pictures speak volumes.  Bugs, wildlife, hopper boxes, epic skies, camp fires….all coated in fish slime. The premise of the website: Pictures taken by active fly fishing guides that have a love for photography. And who better to bring you an insider’s view into the fly fishing world? No frills, nothing fancy, just one great picture daily. Check out Mark and the boys at FocalFish. You’ll be hooked.

So what’s going on at Adipose Boatworks???

Building, building, building. We had a great time in Calgary, but now its full steam ahead….. maybe we’ll get a vacation sometime in the fall. If you want a boat this spring, now is the time to let us know.

Adipose Skiffs, the new, better Drift Boat

3 responses on “A New Perspective on Fly Fishing

  1. ranger says:

    Shasta twist and cheetos? Come on, no Mellow Yellow in Craig?

  2. fly fisher dud says:

    You guys rock, do you row too. Ha Ha funny time. I love focalFISH and your site too.