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Chronicles of Cod

21 March 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Chronicles of Cod

Our good friend (and Adipose skiff Owner) Aaron Caldwell lives in Calgary, AB. He is a guide for Fish Tales Fly Shop but right now he’s on a trip of a lifetime. He’s got a blog called Cronicles of Cod where you can get daily videos (Hopkins day 7) of his trip from the start (Calgary, AB) to the finish (Hopkins, Belize). He’s there to do a little Permit fishing and to soak up life, and the adventures within. Anyone who know’s Aaron is better for it, he is a great friend to have………We are extremely happy for him and obviously Jealous. If you’r looking to fish the bow river in Calgary give Fish Tales Fly Shop a call and ask if Aaron’s available…….YOU”LL BE GLAD YOU DID! Look forward to seeing him on his way back through.

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Yakima Bound

15 March 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Yakima Bound

Last weekend these 3 boats headed out to Reds Fly Shop in Washington. One went to a good home (Erik and Brandy Hanson) so there’s 2 that are currently for sale. Mike took this load over to Red’s where he was met with a cold Cerveza (always appreciated) and was served a delicious plate of homemade chicken tacos (Thank You Brandy!). If you are in Washington and you want to see, feel, touch, smell, or row the Adipose Skiff stop by Reds Fly Shop on the Yakima.

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Out of the box Power

12 March 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Out of the box Power

This is a motor you’re going to be seeing a lot of. This isn’t a traditional trolling motor, this is a over engineered 3hp electric motor. While we try to get products made here in the USA, this is one that’s made in Germany that currently has no US or any rival.

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New sled in the works

7 March 2012, Comments: Comments Off on New sled in the works

Here’s the latest rowable sled, a SeaArk 1652SLD (16′ length 52″ wide bottom). We’ve outfitted it with oar locks, 9’6 Sawyer Pole Cat oars w/ shoal cut blades, anchor system (30# supper stopper anchor), rod tray (x2) 6 gal gas tank, navigation lights, bilge pump, galvanized trailer, Yamaha 60/40 Jet with Tiller. You get all of this for $18,685. There are always more options to outfit this sled to fit what you need. We think that the hour meter is always a good call (not just on outboards, atv’s, dirt bikes….) It tells you how many hours you have on the motor so you know when your due for oil changes and scheduled maintenance. We can mount casting braces in the front, back or both. A cover isn’t a bad idea either when garage space isn’t available. Whatever you can think of we’ll think of a way to integrate it into your boat. We have two boat’s at this price so call us (406-992-1519) sooner rather than later.

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Adipose Testimonial

5 March 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Adipose Testimonial

Adipose Flow Testimonial:

The Adipose Flow changed my life! This boat truly made me a better guide
and fisherman in a multitude of ways. I could not believe the amount of
time and energy I saved from the well thought out design. Light weight but
incredibly stable this boat is with out a doubt the ultimate guide

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