Adipose On the Road

24 January 2011, Comments: 2

What a great movie.......

The Adipose Crew is headed up to the hockey capital of the planet, Calgary, Alberta, for the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Expo. Forget cleaning the house, forget the Pro Bowl….Go to Calgary this weekend! Over 100 fly fishing industry exhibitors, the kickoff of the International Fly Fishing Film Tour, plenty of fish porn….how can you go wrong?

Unfortunately, its a little to cold to chuck flies on the Bow, but that won’t stop you from having a good time.

Fun Facts:

-Alberta receives more annual sunlight than any other Canadian Province

-In 2010, the Mercer Quality of Living survey ranked Calgary the #1 eco-city in Canada

Bow River Facts:

-The Bow River is 365 miles long and drains 10,116 square miles

-The source of the Bow River is Bow Glacier, part of the Waptu Icefield

-The Bow River averages 400′ in width and hold 2,000-2,500 trout per mile

So what’s stopping you? Get off the couch, shake the cabin fever…..Come talk fishing for a a day, or two, or three. Start planning your attack for this coming season! Come see the latest and greatest gadgets built to help put more trout in your drift boat – your Adipose drift boat of course- in 2011.

For more info on the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Expo, visit:

Adipose Skiffs, the new, better Drift Boat

2 responses on “Adipose On the Road

  1. Andrew says:

    It was great to see you guys in Calgary & meet you. My son (the one that broke your practice rod) has been talking about it non-stop. Hope to see more of your rigs on the Bow soon. Andrew

  2. Cool blog boys…now that’s cooking with bacon, the other kind!