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Patrick Sheehy: Westbank Anglers

Patrick Sheehy: Westbank Anglers

“My Adipose boat has been the perfect office! From how it rows, to the thoughtful layout. Not only is my Adipose Flow the sturdiest boat I have rowed, but it is easily the most “client” friendly boat I have guided out of. Clients love it, and I can’t blame them. I have found it to be the perfect boat for the Jackson Hole area rivers. Love it! ”


Who got you into fishing and how long have you been fishing?

My dad first introduced to me fishing when I was too young to remember. Growing up in Northwestern Connecticut I was lucky to have some of the best trout streams in New England right outside my back door. I started guiding in southern CO ten years ago right out of college. For the passed 7 years I have been calling Jackson Wyoming my home, where I guide for Westbank Anglers, and live the dream with my wife Jessica, and our two dogs Hutch, and Zoe.

If you could take any one person fishing, who would it be?

Tom Brady, and Larry Bird.

What haven’t you accomplished that you still aspire to do in your lifetime?

I would love to accomplish the task of fishing all over the world.

What would be your day job if you weren’t currently doing what you’re doing?

I would like to think it would still be something in the fly fishing industry.