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Guides have a lot of input into the design of Adipose Skiffs.  We listen to them because they are out rowing boats, every day in all conditions. Maybe that’s why so many have switched to our boats.

Eric Adams Fly Fishing Guide

Adipose Boatworks

Eric Adams, Montana Fly Fishing Guides

Eric Adams

  • phone number:
  • 406-223-2488

  • our address:
  • Livingston, MT

Darrin Deel Fly Fishing Guide

"The Adipose design is far superior than the other drift boats I've owned. Light and low, this design allows one to duck wind and hold position easily. The walk through design is easy and safe for clients wanting to switch positions without having to high step a bench. Super stable and comfortable for all my clients, old and young."

Darrin Deel

Darrin Deel

    Mike Dawes fly fishing guide

    Mike Dawes owns and operates WorldCast Anglers in Victor, ID.

    The versatility and comfort of the Adipose Flow make my day and clients day more enjoyable and successful. After all, it's my office.

    Peter Skidmore, Headhunters Fly Shop

      Peter Skidmore fly fishing guide

      Peter Skidmore guides for Headhunters Fly Shop in Craig, MT.

                Peter Skidmore

                Peter Skidmore

                Craig, MT

                Darrin Deel

                Darrin Deel

                Chico, CA