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Adipose Pro Billy Buchbauer sent us this testimonial and we just had to share!  Don’t forget to check out his website!

Adipose Flow Testimonial:

The Adipose Flow changed my life! This boat truly made me a better guide
and fisherman in a multitude of ways. I could not believe the amount of
time and energy I saved from the well thought out design. Light weight but
incredibly stable this boat is with out a doubt the ultimate guide

The width of the hull makes this boat laterally more stable than other
even much larger boats. This makes the FLOW easy to control while your
anglers are shifting their weight and moving side to side in the boat. The
symetric hull design is similliar to the new snow ski designs: Fat, twin
tips with rocker! This shape increases manuverabilty while maximizing
float and stability.

The pedistol seats put the angler in a position of confidence and control
with increased visability, rotation and leverage. The spacing between
anglers and the rower is optimal and you never have to worry about the
anglers line getting wrapped around your neck while rowing! The simple lay
out offers a ton of space in the boat and the details are incorporated
where they really matter. The work trey option combined with dry storage
was a great combination. The trey took the place of my big gear bag and
suddenly all my tools and daily fly selections were at my finger tips. My
clients were reguarily commenting ” wow that was fast!” while retying

The light, high riding bomb proof trailer and triple roller design made
launching and taking the boat out a breeze. I was able to preform some
impressive” backcountry” launches that no other boat and trailer could
pull off. Strapping a trolling motor on the boat worked incredibly well
and still water angling and head hunting has never been so much fun!

Keep up the good work boys! I can’t wait to see what you have got up your
sleeves for the season ahead!
Thanks for building the best boat in the biz!
-BIll Buchbauer

Billy’s not just a guide on the water!

He’s does guided heli-skiing in Heli-Ski Haines Alaska.  Seriously, check out his website!  While there don’t forget to read his blog.


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