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MontanaCanvasAdipose Boat Covers

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Boat Cover

Adipose Boat Cover

Our Adipose Boat Covers are made by Montana Canvas which specializes in high-quality canvas construction. They created an exclusive boat cover with a customized-fit & design for our Adipose Flow boat.

The cover is designed to protect the boat from damage resulting from nature’s ever-changing weather — from the sun’s hot, harmful UV rays to icy, frigid temperatures.

The cover also protects the front of the boat during travel, as well as the inside of the boat; helping to reduce road grime & providing protection from road debris.

The cover comes standard with an attached strap system with quick-release buckles for securing the cover to the trailer. It also has a quick release cam buckle tightening system around the gunnel of the boat for securing the cover to the boat. The cover is reinforced for added durability at all stress points. Made out of 13oz. 100% polyester vinyl material for years of service.

The zip-style cover offers access to the inside of the boat near the front cooler area. There is also an inner & outer zip; when the outer zip is open & latched back, the under mesh can be left zippered to air out the inside & dry it out when traveling down the road.

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