Boat Pimpin'

29 June 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Boat Pimpin’

We’ve recently been doing a pile of boat repairs for the local Montana guides and outfitters that have had their offseason extended by the high water. Adipose is a full service boat repair shop. We do everything from minor fixes to big jobs….also… want to customize you boat, we do that too.

Above and below are a few pictures of local Outfitter Brandon Boedecker’s ( Pro Outfitting ) Premier X-13 Skiff. He’s going to have the most tricked-out X-13 on the water. Over the past week we installed dry storage to the right of the rower, extended his rod trays to allow 9′ rods to lay flat, and installed a removable casting brace up front….came out pretty damn good.

Custom leg brace by Adipose Boatworks

Also, another really fun project for Els Van Woert from Helena. Her father built her this badass wooden canoe, and she has fitted it out to allow for oarlocks and an anchor system…to keep with the theme, we’re building an anchor system and rod storage out of wood, and our good friends at Sawyer Paddles and Oars are building her some pretty sweet 6′ all wood South Fork oars…..look out for her casting dries on the Missouri if the water ever goes down!

Lastly, Missoula guide John Wilcox (Cheddar John) had us re-glass the bottom of his boat and opted not to get the new rower’s seat at the same time…..His rower’s seat blew off leaving the Missouri this morning…it was time Cheddar, it was time.

If you have any drift boat needs Adipose Boatworks can take care of them…repairs, custom work, whatever….give us a call M-F , 9-5: 406-992-1519

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