Boat & Trailer Custom Fabrication

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Custom Fabrication

Customization, Repair & Maintenance

Hey, Santa— We Can Trick Out Your Ride!

Hey, Santa— We Can Trick Out Your Ride!

Teflon Bottom Coating • Grip Tape • Motor Mount • Trim Lock

Casting Brace Upgrade • Seat Upgrade or Cushion Replacement

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Teflon Bottom Coating

Teflon-based epoxy coating that protect the gel coat & helps the boat slide over rocks smoothly. It can be added later to repair the boat chines.

Grip Tape

Grip surface normally applied near the rower’s area & back cooler area.

Motor Mount

The Adipose is rated for a 8-HP motor, most other drift boats are the same.

Seat Upgrade or Cushion Replacement

Super comfortable, but with support too. Or just give your cushion new life, with a  high-density foam insert.

Casting Brace Upgrade

Convert your old-school Casting Brace Legs to quick & easy, push-button removal & installation.

Trim Lock

Nice finish for the edge of your boat, storage lids, & casting brace tops.

Trailer Maintenance

Wheel Bearing Pack (bearings & seals) • Tongue Repair • Wiring Repair • Suspension Repair • Axle Replacement


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