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It’s Hot

19 July 2011, Comments: Comments Off on It’s Hot

  ………but it’s a dry heat………

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New at Adipose This Week

14 July 2011, Comments: 1

Some fun items came in to Adipose Boatworks this week. We strive to stay ahead of the curve and keep our customs happy with […]

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Boat Pimpin’

29 June 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Boat Pimpin’

We’ve recently been doing a pile of boat repairs for the local Montana guides and outfitters that have had their offseason extended by the high water. Adipose is a full service boat repair shop. We do everything from minor fixes to big jobs….also… want to customize you boat, we do that too.

Above and below are a few pictures of local Outfitter Brandon Boedecker’s ( Pro Outfitting ) Premier X-13 Skiff. He’s going to have the most tricked-out X-13 on the water. Over the past week we installed dry storage to the right of the rower, extended his rod trays to allow 9′ rods to lay flat, and installed a removable casting brace up front….came out pretty damn good.

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High Water, DeepMud

16 June 2011, Comments: Comments Off on High Water, DeepMud

Thats what we’ve got in Montana right now. The precipitation has been relentless this winter and spring…..Mother Nature is getting a good laugh in, but the trout don’t seem to mind. Snow pack in Montana is STILL 100%-200% across the state…..pretty amazing to see. Not a very good time to be 500 miles downstream from Montana. If you think there’s water in the mid-west now, wait.

What do you do in high water…….keep fishing. Andrew headed to the lower Missouri last weekend to hang out on the Anderson family ranch and catch some catfish….the catfish don’t seem to mind the high water either.

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The New South Fork Oars Have Arrived!

3 June 2011, Comments: Comments Off on The New South Fork Oars Have Arrived!

Finally, the new South Fork Skiff oars have arrived from Sawyer….and they look pretty sharp. We carry two kinds here at Adipose Boatworks; The […]