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Craig Caddis Festival

17 May 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Craig Caddis Festival

This Saturday, May 21st, will mark the third annual Craig Caddis Festival and barbecue cook-off. All proceeds to benefit the Craig, MT volunteer fire department….should be plenty of fun for all. So bring the family or friends, do an early float, and come enjoy the festivities! Plenty of food, parade through Craig, Silent auction with plenty of local wares….whats not to enjoy

Also, the 21st marks the small stream opener in Montana. After Friday at midnight, anglers can fish anywhere with legal access! Might be a little on the muddy side this weekend, but its finally time to break out some three weights and fish some real small water.

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Snap, Crackle, Pop

11 May 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Snap, Crackle, Pop

Those are the sounds you should here when popping a boat out of the mold. Pretty cool process to see…..just put some air to […]

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The Good Old Annual Trip

3 May 2011, Comments: 2

Mike just got back from his annual bass fishing trip out to Washington. He’s been doing this trip for 21 years! The water was […]

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Christening the new sled

26 April 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Christening the new sled

Bill Bender from LaSalle, CO shown below christening his new customized sled from Adipose Boatworks. Mike went out with Bill and John Dobson to […]

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More Door Signings at Adipose Boatworks……..

19 April 2011, Comments: Comments Off on More Door Signings at Adipose Boatworks……..

The 2011 Simms Ice Out is officially over (the hangover will probably last all week). Had a great long weekend in Bozeman meeting industry […]