Christening the new sled

26 April 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Christening the new sled

Bill Bender from LaSalle, CO shown below christening his new customized sled from Adipose Boatworks. Mike went out with Bill and John Dobson to show em’ the ropes and finish breaking in the new engine……and to catch a few trout. I’m sure this boat will see a few fish on the North Platte…congrats on the purchase Bill!

The Christening

Stop by the shop if you want to find out the latest and greatest things we can do with a SeaArk.

You know the water is warming a little when the carp start eating. Below is one of the 11 Mike caught last week.

Tough taking a picture when your standing on a steep bank and your by yourself. This carp was released relatively unharmed

If you get the Sportsmans Channel, be sure to watch “Getting Guided” this week (and every week for that matter). Our good friend Lance Gleason is hosting and this week The Adipose Boatworks shop crew is featured in the show along with Mike Ward, Mike Agee, and LG fishing for carp on the Missouri River.  Click here for the schedule.

Adipose Skiffs, the new, better drift boat

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