Chronicles of Cod

21 March 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Chronicles of Cod


Our good friend (and Adipose skiff Owner) Aaron Caldwell lives in Calgary, AB. He is a guide for Fish Tales Fly Shop but right now he’s on a trip of a lifetime. He’s got a blog called Cronicles of Cod where you can get daily videos (Hopkins day 7) of his trip from the start (Calgary, AB) to the finish (Hopkins, Belize).  He’s there to do a little Permit fishing and  to soak up life and the adventures within. Anyone who know’s Aaron is better for it, he is a great friend to have………we are extremely happy for him and obviously jealous. If you’re looking to fish the bow river in Calgary give Fish Tales Fly Shop a call and ask if Aaron’s available…….YOU”LL BE GLAD YOU DID! Look forward to seeing him on his way back through.



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