Color guide

4 March 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Color guide

Here is a short list of colors you can get your Adipose Flow painted with. For a

longer more extensive color choice go to your local hardware store and get a

Paint swatch and send it to us and we’ll get it matched.

By no means do we want to steel your ideas but here
are a couple of ideas that haven’t been done yet……..
John Deere Green w/ Yellow sticker and seat
UM GRIZ Crimson w/ gray interior and Griz sticker maybe one casting brace gray one Crimson?
UM GRIZ THROWBACK Burnt (texas) orange w/ Yellow Logo
MSU CAT’S Boat Navy Blue w/ Yellow Logo
My personal Favorite: Boise State boat and of coarse it comes with blue turf!
Throw us your idea and we’ll see what we can do!

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