Craig Caddis Festival

17 May 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Craig Caddis Festival

This Saturday, May 21st, will mark the third annual Craig Caddis Festival and barbecue cook-off. All proceeds to benefit the Craig, MT volunteer fire department….should be plenty of fun for all. So bring the family or friends, do an early float, and come enjoy the festivities! Plenty of food, parade through Craig, Silent auction with plenty of local wares….whats not to enjoy

Also, the 21st marks the small stream opener in Montana. After Friday at midnight, anglers can fish anywhere with legal access! Might be a little on the muddy side this weekend, but its finally time to break out some three weights and fish some real small water.

More door signings at Adipose Boatworks today. Local outfitter Trevor Madden of Madden Fly Fishing came to pick up his new Adipose Boatworks Skiff in his custom color…pretty sharp Trevor….below are some pictures.


Maybe now that he has his boat he won't stop by the shop four times a day...........Just kidding Trevor, your welcome any time

Need a duck hunting machine….want to get into some water not accessible with a drift boat…..want to troll local lakes for some walleye….we have plenty of bad-ass SeaArks on the lot to choose from. Let Adipose Boatworks customize the boat of your dreams.

Go anywhere boats

Come on by and check em’ out. Monday-Friday, 9-5 or give us a shout for after hours visits 406-992-1519

Adipose Boatworks, the new, better drift boats

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