Drift Boat Drive In

10 September 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Drift Boat Drive In

We forgot to tell you……..It was an amazing time at HeadHunters fly shop they had great food and entertainment. To our knowledge they did something that hasn’t been done before: the first drift boat drive in. Fly fishing Legend Brian O’Keefe put on a great video presentation which was filmed from lot’s of locations all over the world. Here’s a tid bit of the video. What made the biggest impression was the most is watching him throw. Mike was happily throwing the Sage Circa 4# about 80ft and feeling pretty good about himself until Brian walks up and throws 105+’……respect your elders! If you were there did notice the fly rod did not get picked up again?……Pretty tough act to follow! Make sure you check out Catch Magazine Kudos and Thanks to Brian O’Keefe and HeadHunters Fly Shop!

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