Adipose Drift Boats

Building the “perfect” drift boats was our objective when starting Adipose. Our boats were designed with both angler and rower in mind. We decided to challenge the status quo of what a drift boat should look like to handle what ever the river may throw at you. By using 35 years of combined guiding experience and decades more of rowing experience to come up with our designs. Modern construction techniques and materials make our boats light, tough, stable and easy to row. Our designs incorporate interior space and storage that is unmatched in the industry. We build and fit out our boats with top of the line materials and components, nothing is rushed in designing and building.

the Adipose “Flow”

Is it a “Skiff” or a “Driftboat”? That’s a good question.  While technically a skiff by shape, the Flow has all of the attributes of a full-sized drift boat, and is more stable than most other boats. With a 15’4” centerline, 58” bottom width, and 74” beam at the oarlocks this the largest skiff on the market. Our side height is also taller than all other “skiffs” on the market, which gives you a larger margin of safety and comfort. The Flow is one of the few drift boats on the market that you can fit just about any cooler in while maintaining a center balance. It doesn’t feel like a little Skiff when you’re in it —it definitely has that “big boat” feel. Plenty of room for anglers, coolers and gear (as well as the hound).  We don’t care what you call it.  We simply want you to enjoy your valuable time on the water in safety and comfort!


 the Adipose “Runoff”

We took all the best parts of our flagship model the Flow and added a higher sides and a bigger bow. The Runoff is not your traditional high sided drift boat. Once again we challenged the status quo of what a high sided boat needs to be to be able handle that big water. We pushed the limits of design and construction in this truly innovative boat. We were able to maintain the walk around the design, the storage and the fishability. With a 15′ 10″ centerline, 58″ bottom, and a 75″ beam the changes don’t sound drastic but they get the job done. The major changes in the Runoff all happen in front of the front angler. The boat grew 6 inches longer and the bow is 5 inches taller (25″ total), we didn’t adjust the angle of the rocker on the bottom but we extended the footprint out 3 inches more. We also draped out the angle of the bow 4º more. As the sides come back towards the oar lock the 25″  high bow tapers down to a 21″ side height at the oar locks. All of the added side and bow heights combined with our extremely wide and stable foot print make the boat a dream to row and fish from.


Each part in an Adipose boat, including the hull, is manufactured right here in our Helena, Montana factory. We use a combination of hand-laid and vacuum-bagged methods to construct our boats. Using only high-grade biaxial fiberglass cloth, our boats are stronger and stiffer than the competition, while remaining lightweight. Every product we use, from the seats, to the paint, to the last nuts and bolts, are of the highest marine-grade quality.





Layout & Design

Many of the original skiffs and drift boats were designed on a “let’s take a skill saw to a traditional drift boat” principal. That’s why you see so many boats that look like someone took a skill saw to a drift boat! Our boats were designed from the bottom up. While traditional boat building principals and construction methods always apply, no consideration was given to historical McKenzie and Rogue River designs. We had a list of things that we consider “requirements” for modern fly fishing drift boats – interior layout, side height, stability, balance, storage, cooler space and performance – and built the boat around them. The first time you fish or row an Adipose you realize just how different it is from every other boat on the market.



Whoever owns the boat ends up rowing it all the time, and to you it’s performance that matters most. The Flow and the Runoff back rows, pushes, turns and twists like no other drift boat you’ve rowed, and it does it with unparalleled stability and comfort. Unlike many drift boats, they perform great whether it’s you and your wife out for a short day, or fully loaded with 3 anglers and gear for an overnight trip. Years of experience behind the oars combined with our high-tech CAD design make it happen. Try one out and you’ll become a believer in a hurry.

DeYoung 2Custom Shop

So you like our boats, but there’s a few “special requests” you have. No problem. Our custom shop can make molds and tool parts for just about any customization you would like. We also specialize in custom wraps for your boat and if you truly want that unique look, these provide an affordable and creative option. Custom oars, trailers and seating can all be yours. Just get in touch with us to discuss your needs, and we will come up with ideas and option to customize your boat exactly how you want it.

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Extra width and bow and stern contouring give this boat a large footprint on the water, making it extremely well balance and allowing access to shallow water. To further improve balance, all interior weight sits directly on the bottom of the boat, not on a suspended floor as in most drift boats. Length and interior design allow coolers to be centered up, unlike most boats that force them off to one side.
The "Flow" is equipped with 10' 2-way rod trays, keeping your favorite rods at the ready and easily accessible. Offering 16+ cubic feet of storage, there is plenty of room for equipment and gear. With a full walk around design anglers and rower can move around the boat with ease.
The Flow comes standard with a rowers dry box and high back seat. You have your choice of boxes or pedestals (or a combination) for the fore and aft angler seats. We prefer the Springfield Power Pedestal because it allows the angler to raise his seat to "standing" height
Boats that row well anchor well. The FLOW is no exception. You'll find yourself stopping in places other boats would bounce, and you won't experience that dangerous "swinging" that occurs when many hulls anchor in swift water. We use the traditional Bo's Anchor System, with a floor mount and foot pedal release.
Our custom Triple Roller Trailer gets as many comments as our boats. Made in Montana, the 3rd offset roller makes loading and unloading a breeze. Side bunks, spare tire well, jack stand and premium galvanization make this the nicest drift boat trailer on the market
Adipose Boatworks takes pride in building our boats and we stand behind them! We offer a lifetime warranty on our boats to original owners. This warranty is good for Punctures, Leaks, Defects or Failures to the hull on all boats built by Adipose Boatworks. All of our boats are WARRANTIED to the original owner against manufactures defects. What we do not cover: damages that are caused by sinking, motor vehicle accidents, natural disaster, or if our boat is altered or modified by someone other than Adipose Boatworks without authorization. Repairs due to negligence, improper care or long term wear and tear will be fixed at a reduced and reasonable rate. All repairs due to manufactures defect will be at no cost. Adipose Boatworks will restore your boat to original condition. We will repair our boats in a timely manor we know how much that means to you and we will do our best to get you back on the water ASAP. If you have any warranty issues email us at adiposeboatworks@gmail.com please include your name phone number and description of warranty issue as well as a picture if possible.