What colors are available?
Our standard colors are:

Yo Yeti Tan • Seattle White • Robert's Gray • Rainwater • Relentless Olive.

We have many other common custom colors we do on a regular basis.

We can also do a personalized color with a color chip that can be matched within 10%.
Extra build time is needed for a personalized color.

How many Storage hatches are available?
The Flow skiff has a standard storage box under the rowers seat. You can choose your side compartments from either deep dry storage, or shallow dry tackle trays with side accessed wet storage underneath. Most choose one of each.
Do Oars really make a difference?
Yes! Quality oars are much lighter and more responsive. Too many people spend time and money choosing every option for their boat, then skimp on what may be the most important part of the equation. Oars.
Why don't you use front and rear storage boxes?
While front and rear seat/storage boxes have been standard drift boat features for many years, we feel that they eat up tons of interior space, make it hard for anglers to sit comfortably, and dictate/limit what size of cooler you can bring along. Our side storage compartments hold tons of gear, and are long enough to carry rod tubes, tripods, tents and other awkward shaped gear.

Also, our power pedestals are adjustable for different sized anglers and can get you up nearly as high as standing!
Why did you choose Adipose for your company name & what is the significance of the fin-shaped logo?
The reason we chose Adipose is because select fish families (trout, salmon, catfish) have a small fin on their backs, called an adipose fin, located between the large dorsal fin and the tail fin.

For year's researchers believed the fin was useless, so hatcheries would clip the fin to mark each fish that were from a hatchery or to find out where it spawned.

Recently marine biologists noticed the importance of this seemingly useless small fin. In fact, the adipose fin contains a network of nerves that likely serves as a sensory organ. Clipping the fin may decrease the fish's ability to navigate turbulent waters (1).

We are a huge supporter of wild fish and think that nature should be left to do its own thing and it will be stronger and better.

(1) "Clipped Fins Hamper Hatchery Salmon." July 12, 2011.