Get UP, Stand UP

17 January 2011, Comments: 1
Adipose drift boat on the Missouri River

Super Guide Mitch K. joining us for some Mo River R&D

Final got our standup boat on the water. The Adipose crew headed up to the Missouri last Friday morning…not a bad way to end the week! We were hoping it would perform just like our sit down model…… does, and we’re freakin’ pumped! Two cast with a nymph rig anchored up below the dam. Caught one healthy rainbow. Chucked streamers Wolf Creek to Craig. The temp. dropped 31 degrees in two hours and we got out just before fishing was unbearable. Gotta love the Mo. Fish were grabby….in January.

Adipose is getting ready to head to Calgary for the Western Canadian Fishing Expo, Jan. 28,29,30. If Calgary is within range, you should check it out. Gonna be some good times. Selling boats and whacking back a few Molsons. Hope to see you there.

Adipose Skiffs, the new, better Drift Boat

One response on “Get UP, Stand UP

  1. Baitfishin' Billy says:

    Not a bad post, some spelling issues…but it is a post! I likey. Put links attached to Calgary fishing expo, then it is more interactive and you have opportunities for pingbacks, and link backs improving your web presence and strength.
    Adipose Boats Rule. I’m out!