Is it a "Skiff" or a "Driftboat"?

14 February 2013, Comments: Comments Off on Is it a “Skiff” or a “Driftboat”?

Is it a “Skiff” or a “Driftboat”? That’s a good question.  While technically a skiff by shape, the Flow has all of the attributes of a full-sized drift boat, and is more stable than most other boats.  Our side height is taller than all other “skiffs” on the market, which gives you a larger margin of safety and comfort.  The Flow doesn’t feel like a little Skiff when you’re in it —it definitely has that “big boat” feel. Plenty of room for anglers, coolers and gear (as well as the hound).  We don’t care what you call it.  We simply want you to enjoy your valuable time on the water in safety and comfort!