Slingin' Some Mud...

17 March 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Slingin’ Some Mud…

Justin and Jesse working on getting her out.

….more like sinkin’ in it. We’ve had some pretty pleasant weather the past week….this is the downside of it….soggy ground.

Shop truck "Mo" getting put to work

Notice the smile on Jesse’s face in the above photo….I don’t think the guys minded the side project.

The upside to all the wetness…some pretty freakin’ pleasant fishing weather.  Hope you made it out this past week…we sure did. Forecast looks good for the next week or so, so get your butt out to the Missouri, or the Bitterroot, or wherever …..

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!! We’re out early to go fish the Little Blackfoot and start drinkin’ some Guinness…..Cheers

Adipose Skiffs, the new, better Drift Boat

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