Snap, Crackle, Pop

11 May 2011, Comments: Comments Off on Snap, Crackle, Pop

Those are the sounds you should here when popping a boat out of the mold. Pretty cool process to see…..just put some air to her and lift.

More air and some lift....there's your "crackle"

Lift.....there's your "pop"

Spring might officially be upon us (we’ll see). HEAVY rains followed by some beautiful (much needed) warmer weather have most of the lower elevation rivers in Montana on the rise an getting dirty. Time to head up to the Missouri…..The beauty of the Missouri-(aside from the huge trout, the fish per mile count, the towns of Wolf Creek and Craig, and the no cell phone coverage) it never stops fishing. Here’s a list of my five favorite patterns for fooling trout this time of year….in no particular order

– Red San-Juan Worm

-Orange San-Juan Worm

-Purple San-Juan Worm

-Tan San-Juan Worm

-Any other color San-Juan Worm

Not the most exciting time to be fishing, but tis’ the season. The catching can be amazing on the Mo this time of year….fish are packing on the pounds eating drowned worms, so break out the dirt snake, Mexican mayfly….whatever you want to call it and go catch a few fish.

Adipose Skiffs, the new, better drift boat

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