Some Adipose drift boat love....

30 April 2012, Comments: Comments Off on Some Adipose drift boat love….

Adipose boat love in the email.  Gotta love that!

“Just wanted to let you know how much we love the boat.  Really glad we decided to go with Adipose.  I still can’t believe how well it rows.  The first time we took it out I just laughed the whole time.  I was rowing laps in spots I used to have row like a mad man just to keep the boat from blowing through.  I can say for certain these boats are much more fishy than anything I have seen before.  They are much quieter, stealthier and more maneuverable.  People in Adipose Boats catch more fish.  Just sayin.  Thanks again.  Oh, I attached a couple pics from our first trip.  Nothing exciting … just proof it floats and one of the first fish netted.”


What do you love about your Adipose?

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