Spring Time in Montana

4 April 2011, Comments: 2

Well springtime is upon us in Montana….at least for now. We’ve been doing a lot of boat restorations/fabricating for guides getting ready for the upcoming season. Heres the latest for Mike Agee, owner of Agee Outfitting in Helena. New front floor for the jet………


Things you should be doing right now if you haven’t already:

Clean your fly lines!!!

Organize your fly boxes and boat bags

Pour over some maps and find new places to fish

Build Leaders

Sit down at the vise (if you didn’t do that this winter, you probably won’t be doing it now) and fill the gaps in your newly organized boxes

Grease the hubs on your trailer

Book your guides, put in for vacation time…..start planning your fishing time

Start coming up with a list of excuses to tell your significant other……..

The clock is ticking; fishing is about to get real good, real fast. Another 5 or 6 degrees on the MO and the baetis start showing themselves. Make sure your prepared!

Brian O’Connor “The Kid” from Livingston came by last week to pick up his boat and sign the door

"The Kid" autographing the Adipose Door.......if you want to sign the door, you have to buy a boat

Great time to take the kids Fishing. Try out the Holter Lake boat docks……we know you would never go and fish there yourself; your way to much of a purist, but it’s a great place for the kids when the ice clears

Madi and Scotland Fishing with Dad and Uncle respectively. Uncle Mike shown in picture, Madi Ward up front, Scotland in the back

We currently have a 3 month waiting list for our standup boat and one new sit-down boat left in stock. If you want a bad-ass Adipose Boatworks Skiff, NOW is the time to let us know.

Adipose Skiffs, the new, better drift boat

2 responses on “Spring Time in Montana

  1. Todd says:

    Cool boat! I’ll see you guys in Bozeman next week. Looking forward to seeing your boats in person.