That Was Awesome

17 September 2012, Comments: Comments Off on That Was Awesome

Sometimes you see things and the only words that you can get out is “That Was Awesome!” Here’s a little story that left me with that.

While down fishing at Casa Blanca this past May I saw something I will more than likely not, never see again:

The weather was tough for the first 6 days with almost no visibility. Being a determined Permit angler I chose to grind on low numbers (deadliest catch lingo) of Permit. The second to last day the clouds broke and I started seeing fish. The fish were not interested in anything I threw and were being Permit. However this got me thinking I have one more day to get it done, and the bad weather seamed to be passing. The next day there was not a cloud in the sky. The first Permit I threw to ate the fly ran 20 feet towards the boat and came unpinned. He instantly started looking for what had just escaped him and at that point the boat was on top of him and he spooked. The next shot was uneventful as my fly was no where near the fish. The third shot was the money shot, two fish coming in at 11:00 first cast was on them I came tight and immediately broke him off (bad knot). At this point my blood was boiling and I was ready to give up Permit fishing for good. Thankfully my guide yelled grab the other rod which had a Spawning shrimp on. I threw to the same two fish and came tight with no unpinning or breaking! When I got him back to the boat we got some pictures and as I was about to let him go I noticed a piece of line hanging out of his mouth. I got my fly back! The same fish ate 2 flies in less than a minuet. Which ended my trip on a “That Was Awesome” note


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