The Stand Up Boat Arrives

11 January 2011, Comments: 2
Drfit Boat with removable knee braces

Adipose standup FLOW with removable knee braces and level floor.

Here are some pics of the stand up boat.  We’re still waiting for the final posts for the leaning braces, which will attach just like a Sawyer blade attaches to it’s shaft.  You will be able to remove the braces on the water with a single tool and store them in one of the open or closed side storage compartments.  Notice the level floors fore and aft.

2 responses on “The Stand Up Boat Arrives

  1. Baitfishin' Billy says:

    Second coolest blog though. The coolest blog is clearly the Headhunter @ http://www.blah, blah, blah….

  2. admin says:

    That is the coolest looking drift boat/skiff I have ever seen!