Who's Your Bad-Ass Boat Builder??

6 April 2011, Comments: 4

Thats right, Adipose Boatworks. Check out the latest…..Digital Arctic Camo

Adipose Boatworks, with the help of many of our vendors, donated the above boat and trailer to Project Healing Waters, an organization who’s aim is to help combat-wounded veterans recover via the outdoors and fly fishing. We’re pumped we could give back to the fine folks in our military that have sacrificed so much for us.

Vendors that donated: Auto Trix (boat wrap), Sawyer (oars), Yeti (cooler), Fiberlay (materials), Composites One (materials), Our Crew (Time).

Now thats American

This boat will be available to wounded veterans all across Montana and has a removable wheelchair platform up front.

We have a few veterans  here at the shop……

Justin, six years: Army

Aaron, 8 years: Air Force

Thanks Guys!

So who’s your bad-ass boat builder? How about the one that uses Carbon Fiber Technology…..

Thats right

Adipose Skiffs, the new, better drift boat

4 responses on “Who’s Your Bad-Ass Boat Builder??

  1. Trent Olson says:

    That is a sweet wounded veterans boat. Great job and for a great cause. I have been in the military for 16 years and deployed overseas 7 times. Its great to see such support for the military. Thank you again. I’m in the process of saving my money up and I can hardly wait to buy a boat. You will definetly be the one I will buy my boat from when I get the money. Again, great pictures of that boat and sweet paint job.


  2. You cats rule. Yes, Rule!

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